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Restaurant to give 'White Appreciation Day' discount

BBQ restaurant plans 'White Appreciation Day'
BBQ restaurant plans 'White Appreciation Day'

Next month, one Colorado barbecue joint will be running a promotion that has already drawn strong reaction: White Appreciation Day.

On June 11, white customers will get 10 percent off the bill at Rubbin' Buttz BBQ in Milliken, Colorado.

In an interview with NBC affiliate KUSA, the restaurant's owner Edgar Antillon, whose parents came to America from Mexico, explained the idea for the event.

"We have a whole month for Black History Month," Antillon said. "We have a whole month for Hispanic Heritage Month so we figured all we could do—the least we can do—is to offer one day to appreciate white Americans."

"We're all American—plain and simple—whether you come from a different country or you were born here," he added.

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There could be legal repercussions for the restaurant.

"If someone felt like they were being discriminated against they could come to the civil rights division and file a complaint with our office and we would investigate that," said Jennifer McPherson, interim director of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies' Civil Rights Division.

Reaction to the event has been mixed so far among posters on the restaurant's Facebook page. Still, the event will take place on the scheduled day.