Industry Game Changers – Dealership Performance CRM Offers Smart Feed®

Tualatin, OR, May 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Full, real-time access to all information in the DMS, integrated with both the dealership website and its CRM tool, creates the ultimate dealership inventory management tool. Before Dealership Performance CRM, such a capability was unheard of, but it is revolutionary for the dealership industry. It eliminates the extra time and work required to remove a unit of inventory from two separate portals, updating quickly to allow the most accurate picture of a dealership stockroom. Dealership Performance CRM offers this inventory flow between multiple third parties and web systems, and even to multiple locations within a dealership network, with Smart Feed®.

This groundbreaking tool provides the ability to pull and transfer dealership inventory units in real time to create an easily accessible process and see whether or not the unit is in stock, as well as provide leads and other relevant information on that unit. This ability even spreads across different stores using the “Branch Locator” tool within the CRM. Smart Feed® can control inventory flow from the dealership’s web system as well as numerous other hosted providers, creating interactive solutions for dealerships with high-maintenance requirements and needs in inventory management. Data can easily be transferred for CSI and other outbound surveys. Smart Feed® tracks small details for a complete view of the business cycle, and all items moved within the process send alerts to dealership managers and staff, even between different stores, with no lag time.

Dealership Performance CRM’s new Quick Response (QR) Code Process further enables Smart Feed® to place your dealership inventory management above the rest. Dealership staff can simply scan an inventory unit to see the status of that vehicle. QR codes implement details that help close items such as pre-delivery inspections and service appointments. Using this information provided with a quick QR code scan, dealership staff members are able to most effectively increase leads coming into the dealership. It builds a better view of the business that is clear and in-depth.

Smart Feed® is the only accurate, fully enabled method of tracking inventory status in real time. Without this capability at your fingertips, your dealership runs the risk of losing sales due to inaccurate information or too long of a wait time between different steps of the sales process. Any tool that can be used to increase the speed and efficiency of your dealership’s sales cycle is valuable to your business. Let Dealership Performance CRM’s Smart Feed® allow you to move your inventory out and increase your profits. 800.516.1768

Source: Dealership Performance CRM