OpenSkys Services Limited Readies to Assist Nigeria Law Enforcement in Its Counter-Terrorism Efforts

ABUJA, Nigeria, May 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpenSkys Services Limited (, a leading indigenous telecommunications firm based in Abuja and subsidiary of The Chrome Group, seeks to clarify the record regarding the company's involvement in Nigeria's counter-terrorism activities. The Chrome Group (, founded in 1994 by Sir Emeka Offor, is one of Nigeria's leading indigenous multinational businesses with subsidiaries operating in telecommunications, oil and gas exploration and production, oil and gas servicing, engineering, insurance, logistics and power industries.

"We want to assure all members of the community that OpenSkys Services has been and will continue to be resolute in its determination to offer the most efficient and secure telecommunications services to end users through our existing network," said Dr. Edwin Ndukwe, spokesman for OpenSkys Services.

In 2009, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) assigned OpenSkys Services the 450MHz spectrum for rollout of communications services nationwide. The NCC assigned the security network to OpenSkys Services through a transparent and legally guided process and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

The 450MHz frequency is critical to the success of Nigeria's ongoing fight against terrorism and OpenSkys Services is well aware of it.

Under terms of the agreement with NCC, OpenSkys Services was required to pay for the re-tuning of old transceivers of the Nigeria Police (NP) supported by the frequency and also purchase new communications equipment for the NP. This enabled full migration to the new frequency assigned to the Police in 2009. In 2012, OpenSkys Services paid the sum of N350 million to the NP to satisfy this requirement. Further, OpenSkys Services paid spectrum fees totaling N892 million to NCC.

Early in the process, experts determined that the GoTa (Global Open Trunking Architecture) technology supporting the Nigerian National Public Security Communications System (NPSCS) network was hurting law enforcement communications efforts, and therefore, hurting Nigeria. A nationwide 4G LTE network, would provide a more efficient and viable platform for broadband services.

Once its financial commitments to NCC were satisfied, OpenSkys Services, in conjunction with its technical partners, immediately presented plans to achieve efficiency and greater effectiveness in the fight against terror through a robust frontline security network for the government. OpenSkys Services proposed the following to the Joint Ministerial Board set up by the office of the Vice President to solve the challenges of the ownership of the 450MHZ Band:

  • OpenSkys Services proposes to upgrade the GoTa NPSCS network to an LTE network, which is superior for supporting state-of-the-art broadband deployment. This upgrade would be completed in conjunction with OpenSkys Services' technical partners and without further expense to the Nigerian government.
  • To provide encrypted and dedicated voice, video and data communications for security agencies nationwide, the upgraded LTE network would be split into two: Encrypted Security and Commercial Services.
  • The Encrypted Security arm is to be managed by a team of qualified and trained personnel from security organizations throughout Nigeria. The Commercial Service arm is to be managed by OpenSkys Services' team of professionals. To achieve the greatest efficiencies, the overall network would be maintained by OpenSkys Services.
  • OpenSkys Services will use proceeds of the commercial arm of the network to pay back the costs of the EXIM facility obtained by the Nigerian government.

If this proposal is accepted, OpenSkys Services will be poised to not only contribute to our common aspiration to defeat terrorism, and to provide excellent services to our teeming clients.

About OpenSkys

OpenSkys is an indigenous Nigerian telecommunications company, Licensed by the NCC to offer telecommunication services on the 450MHz Band Nationwide. We intend to provide voice, video and data services in Nigeria. For more information, visit

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