Directors From AARP, Cincinnati Bell, Vera Bradley, Pacific Sunwear, and Others Become NACD Fellows in Q1 of 2015

WASHINGTON, May 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) today announced the names of 89 corporate directors who earned the NACD Fellow director credential during the first quarter of 2015.

NACD Fellowship, the highest level of credentialing for corporate directors, is a comprehensive program of study developed to educate directors about perennial and emerging boardroom issues and best practices. Completion of this rigorous program demonstrates a serious commitment to exemplary corporate governance.

"The focus on directors' credentials will only become more intense as the efforts to improve corporate governance continue," said Jim Brady, former director of Constellation Energy Group, McCormick & Co. Inc., and T. Rowe Price. "NACD Fellow status is a differentiating factor that governance constituencies highly value."

Anne Sheehan, director of corporate governance at CalSTRS, concurred from an investor's standpoint: "America needs well-rounded directors who are sensitive to public company shareowners, and who can clearly demonstrate their value on proxy disclosures. I always look forward to meeting NACD Fellows."

The NACD Fellowship community is backed by more than 35 years of authoritative research and represents the combined knowledge capital of hundreds of today's leading companies.

"Directors who choose to enhance their skills and acumen by becoming NACD Fellows demonstrate to company management, shareholders, and their peers a desire to perform their fiduciary duties to the best of their abilities," said Ken Daly, CEO of NACD. "I am pleased to recognize these distinguished leaders, who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of governance."

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Individuals Named NACD Board Leadership Fellows
Donna F. Anderson Donald L. Dillingham Israel P. Martinez Jr.
Robert A. Bass James Dumler Tonia Pankopf
Rhys J. Best I. Steven Edelson Troy A. Paredes
Howard Brod Brownstein Rudolph I. Estrada Joan Ruff
Stephen Byers William Galle Nancy Sclater
Charlotte W. Collins Catherine Alicia Georges Mary Ann Scully
Terence J. Connors Mark E. Jensen Scott E. Streller
Robert E. Creager David R. Kayser Jack T. Taylor
Mark W. Crossley Kathryn Jo Lincoln Kurt Volker
Terence J. Cryan Joanna Lohkamp Lynn A. Wentworth
Michael R. Cunningham Thomas Madonna Eugene H.S. Wong
Mary Schmid Daugherty Michael Marquardt
Individuals Named NACD Governance Fellows
Terri M. Alvarado Jane Hays Nicholas P. Santrizos
Vincent Beatty Thomas M. Honan William Russell Scheirman
Brian Becker Julia Inestroza Marc Schwarz
Paul J. Belair Paul F. Judge Sandra K. Scott
Carla Sue Carstens Halil Kiymaz Randall Seidl
Vincent R. De Palma Susan Lindberg Daniel P. Sharkey
Ronald Deblinger Steven G. Mahon Mark S. Shockey
Paul D. Dickman Edward Malaspina Arthur L. Smith
Loretta Doon Lark McCarthy Cindy Sobieski
Charles R. Eggert Brandi G. Morandi Lisa M. Sodeika
Brad Elliott Mary Barrow Nichols Harry N. Stout
Thomas Ferreira Stephanie Olexa Greg Stuart
Michael Fusco Doug Opheim Conrad Szymanski
Dennis J. Gannon Billie R. Otto Christopher M. Thiel
Christina Gehrke Deborah A. Peacock Terry G. Tyler
Mary E. Good James H. Peterson Ronald H. Wender
Jerry K. Greig Frances P. Philip
Mary Clare Gumbleton G. Frederick Reinhardt
Mark Fehrs Haukohl Mikell Rigg Parsch

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