MobiSave LLC Acquires Broad Patent Coverage for Mobile Coupons and Messaging From Loeb Enterprises

NEW YORK, May 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MobiSave LLC, an intelligent mobile marketing system, today announced that it has acquired a series of patents from its joint venture partner Loeb Enterprises. The patents relate to mobile couponing, geolocation and mobile messaging.

Specifically, U.S. patent 7,729,709 published June 1, 2010 with a priority filing date of July 10, 2006, describes the regional targeting of messages and/or promotional offers to mobile devices based on registration data. Additionally, the patent describes techniques for messaging and targeting of offers based on determining the location of the phone, consumer behavior with respect to selecting and using offers, and pricing of the offers. The patent also describes the use of surveys to enhance the consumer profile data.

U.S. patent 7,813,743 published October 12, 2010 with a priority filing date July 10, 2006 and U.S. patent 9,014,724 granted April 15, 2015 with a priority filing date of July 26, 2012 and U.S. patent 8,238,940 granted August 7, 2012 with a priority filing date of July 26, 2006 effectively describe techniques for socializing offers via mobile phones within a geographical location or retail store using central broadcasting or peer-to-peer communication.

"The acquisition of these patents, along with our pending application covering the use of receipt images for rebate rewards, gives us a solid foundation for future growth," said Steven Marcus, President of MobiSave. "It also assures CPG manufacturers that MobiSave is a differentiated mobile coupon system in a space that is both dynamic and increasingly complex."

The MobiSave system uses a mobile app to enable consumers to redeem rebates on grocery purchases by simply snapping a picture of their receipts. MobiSave applied for a patent November 19, 2010 with a priority date of November 20, 2009. The MobiSave patent application also claims the use of digital receipts for redeeming rebates.

Currently, MobiSave is in the midst of a controlled national rollout as additional manufacturers come on board. Currently, 30,000 consumers are on MobiSave's waiting list eagerly awaiting access to the MobiSave app. The app has already garnered much interest from the online savings and couponing communities.

"We have been approached more than once by third parties interested in acquiring or licensing our receipt patent application. Should our application be approved, we would certainly be open to discussing mutually beneficial arrangements. In the meantime, we are assessing our options with respect to our newly-acquired patents," said MobiSave CEO David Florence.

About MobiSave LLC:

MobiSave LLC is a joint venture formed in early 2014 between MobiSave Corp. and Loeb Enterprises. MobiSave is an intelligent mobile marketing system connecting consumer packaged goods brands directly to consumers. MobiSave's unique technology enables shoppers to scan their grocery receipts and receive near immediate cash rewards for purchasing specific brands. MobiSave provides CPG brands with the most cost-efficient and timely system for delivering consumer purchase incentives steered by the data-driven, intelligent offer-serving MobiSave platform. For more information, visit

About Loeb Enterprises:

Founded in 2006, Loeb Enterprises is a New York-based private investor and startup incubator led by veteran entrepreneur Michael Loeb. The firm pairs seasoned entrepreneurs with experienced marketing professionals and technologists to launch disruptive, scalable consumer businesses of enduring value. Past successes of the Loeb Enterprises team include Synapse Group which revolutionized how magazine subscriptions are sold in the US and Script Relief LLC, a free-to-consumer pharmacy discount card that has helped over 7.5 million people save over $750,000,000 on prescription medications. For more information, visit

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