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Lightning Round: Great staple that keeps doing well

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

McCormick & Company: "We love McCormick. We think that company is terrific. It's just a great staple that keeps doing well."

Linn Energy LLC: "I'm not recommending Linn, so when I say you're fine that means someone's going to say Cramer loves it. I don't think you need to take the big loss right now. I think it can percolate a little bit higher."

Exelis Inc: "That one's done. Remember we are not arbitragers, you take the gain. I like Harris here."

Pandora: "Not a big fan of Pandora, I think there is too much competition. I think that the stock has had a big move and I don't want to play."

Clean Energy Fuels Corp: "I'm not a buyer of Clean Energy. Look, the country didn't go that way, why don't we just leave it at that."

Sprouts Farmers Market: "I want to be in the stores with the goods. Meaning, I want WhiteWave not Sprouts."

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Rite Aid Corporation: "Rite Aid is one of those stocks that @jimcramer on Twitter people hate it because it's down 38 cents. I'm telling people to own Rite Aid for the long-term. It's a very good turnaround situation. (Tweet This)

Southwest Airlines: "It's the only airline currently that I think you should be buying is Southwest."

Metlife: "Metlife is a good company, I'm going to recommend that stock and I'm going to throw in Travelers. I'm giving you a two-some."

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