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Social impact investing: Making money by making a difference

How to make money and make a difference
How to make money and make a difference

As the world changes, new risks and opportunities continually present themselves from an investment perspective. One of the areas for potential growth opportunities is in the realm of social impact investing, explained Geri Pell, a certified financial planner and CEO of Pell Wealth Partners.

So what exactly is social impact investing?

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It's the practice of integrating environmental, social and governance factors into investment decision-making. The aim is to enhance risk-adjusted returns, while at the same time generating a positive social and environmental impact.

Social impact investing takes into account how companies address environmental concerns. For example, do they use nuclear power or renewable energy? How do they deal with waste management?

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Social considerations may include whether companies are equal opportunity employers and if they assign a high priority to employee health and safety. Governance comes into play around corporate transparency and business ethics.

Using social impact investing with her clients has given them the unique opportunity to make investment choices in support of progress on some very big world problems, Pell explained.