Diet Doc Now Offers Prescription Belviq as Part of Their Weight Loss System

NEW YORK, May 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Americans may finally begin winning the war on obesity with new improvements in diet aids and more comprehensive weight loss systems now offered by companies. A new addition to the Diet Doc medically supervised weight loss system is Belviq, a prescription diet aid proven to help users lose weight quickly when coupled with an effective weight loss system. Patients can now combine prescription Belviq with Diet Doc's customized weight loss plans, making the company one of the most comprehensive weight loss system providers in the nation.

Belviq is FDA approved for weight loss in individuals who have a body mass index over 30, and over 27 if the individual has at least one additional weight-related health condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. Its main function for weight loss is on the appetite centers of the brain. Certain receptors in the hypothalamus, called 5-HT receptors, are stimulated by a neurotransmitter called serotonin and are involved with significantly regulating mood, anxiety, appetite and feeding behavior, and reproductive behavior. Belviq targets a specific type of 5-HT receptor involved in helping to promote satiety, making takers feel less hungry.

Clinical studies of Belviq in patients without diabetes demonstrate 5.8 percent mean weight loss from baseline, compared to 2.5% with placebo and over twice as many patients achieved ≥ 5 percent weight loss. Patients with diabetes achieve mean weight loss of 4.5 percent with lorcaserin compared to 1.5 percent with placebo as well as modest improvements in glycemic outcomes.

Patients interested in attaining new Belviq for weight loss help need only contact Diet Doc and consult with one of the company's licensed in-house physicians. Consultation is usually simple and effective, as Diet Doc's licensed doctors make a virtual house call to each and every patient using video conferencing software like Skype. A Diet Doc Doctor will use information attained during this initial consultation, as well as a health history survey completed by the patient, to determine if prescription Belviq is appropriate for the patient. Once a patient is approved, the prescription is processed in Diet Doc's FDA approved American based pharmacy and shipped directly to the patient's home. It is this simplicity that is rapidly making Diet Doc the most trusted name in medically supervised weight loss.

Diet Doc now offers their most advanced hormone diets to customers across the country via the Telemedicine system. With the ease of a telephone call or video conferencing, patients can contact the company, consult with expert physicians and receive the best available medical treatment for weight loss, including new prescription Belviq shipped nationwide. Telemedicine allows those in even the most remote regions of the country, those who otherwise would not have access to a weight loss clinic, experienced weight loss professionals, or a support group, the luxury of seeking support when they need it. New hormone diets allow those who otherwise lack it, access to the most successful weight loss plans available, simultaneously freeing them from time-consuming and embarrassing face-to-face doctor visits.

Scheduling an appointment with a Diet Doc physician has never been simpler. Interested clients can simply call Diet Doc at 888-934-4451, or visit the company's website at for a quick and easy hormone diet consultation.

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