What Amtrak derailment means for Northeast travel

Following the fatal Amtrak derailment in north Philadelphia, travelers are facing a transportation headache getting between Philadelphia and New York along the Northeast Corridor.

No Amtrak trains are running between New York and Philadelphia after a train derailed north of Philadelphia, killing seven people and injuring at least scores more.

Amtrak crash black box recovered
Amtrak crash black box recovered
Philadelphia mayor: Six dead in Amtrak derailment
Philadelphia mayor: Six dead in Amtrak derailment
Enough spending on rail?
Enough spending on rail?

Amtrak is currently offering modified service between Washington and Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Philadelphia and New York and Boston.

The Northeast Corridor is one of the most congested rail corridors in the nation with more than 260 million passenger trips made per year, according to Amtrak.

New Jersey Transit is honoring Amtrak tickets from New York City and Trenton.

Travelers can then take N.J. Transit buses from Trenton to Philadelphia, which will be honored.

Since the Atlantic City Rail Line is suspended between 30th Street in Philadelphia and Cherry Hill due to the derailment, buses will be provided for travelers between this stretch.

"We advise our customers to a lot for additional travel time," said Nancy Snyder, spokeswoman at N.J. Transit.

"We anticipate ridership to increase," she added.

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Pennsylvania's SEPTA has several alternative bus service routes from Philadelphia to Trenton Transit Center. Service is suspended on the Trenton Regional rail line, which travels from Philadelphia to Trenton. Trenton line customers can also use the Market-Frankford subway line to travel into Philadelphia's Center City.

Customers can also opt to fly out of New York, but last-minute tickets are pricey. Delta noted it has seen an uptick in flights between New York's La Guardia Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

"We are currently assessing the need to add more capacity to support passenger demand," wrote spokeswoman Elizabeth Wolf in an email.

Meanwhile, American Airlines is adding two round trip flights from La Guardia to Reagan National on Wednesday.

A third transportation option, the bus, is also available through the Greyhound bus or alternatives like Megabus.

"Due to rail lines being down in the Northeast, Greyhound has added additional roundtrip schedules from New York to Philadelphia and from New York to Washington D.C. to assist Amtrak customers. A total of 16 additional schedules have been added—10 schedules have been added to the New York to Philadelphia route and six additional schedules have been added to the New York to Washington route," a Greyhound spokeswoman wrote in an email.

Greyhound will be allowing Amtrak customers to exchange their tickets free of charge.

Meanwhile, is cross honoring Amtrak tickets from Washington, DC to Philadelphia, Baltimore to Philadelphia, New York to Philadelphia, New York to Baltimore and New York to Washington, DC., said Sean Hughes, North America's director of corporate affairs.

Affected customers must show their valid Amtrak ticket while boarding buses that have open spots.

CLARIFICATION: An Amtrak train derailed in northern Philadelphia Tuesday night. The location was not clear in an earlier version of this article.