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Cramer Remix: The strongest stock in the game

Cramer: One of the strongest stocks in the game

For the past month, Jim Cramer has been educating investors about a gigantic sea-change of stocks. He warned investors to take advantage quickly, as portfolio managers did not yet see it happening.

Guess what? Now they do.

The "Mad Money" host saw that the rally on Thursday was a signal that money managers have caught on to the rotation of investors out of domestic stocks such as the retailers, restaurants and railroads, and into international companies with headquarters in the U.S.

"I feared that when these money managers realized that they were out of position, just like a pro football defender who's covering the wrong guy, their moves would be vicious and punitive for the domestic stocks and heavenly for the internationals. That's exactly what is going on," Cramer said.

Here is Cramer's secret to profiting from this rotation: Take the pain. If you own some of the stocks that have been beaten down in the rotation, take the pain for the next few days.

The good news is that Cramer thinks it is still early in the game for international stocks, so there is still time to profit from the rotation. He sees the best opportunity in the technology, drug and consumer packaged goods industries.

A few stocks he recommended for examination are IBM, Eaton, PPG and Dow Chemical, as these are all stocks that could roar on a weaker dollar. Additionally, the three most logical tech stocks are Apple, Google and Facebook. They have all stalled out recently on good quarters, and Cramer thinks the estimates are too low for them because of currency headwinds.

In particular, Cramer recommended Visa as one of the strongest stocks in the game right now.

"Remember, rotations are vicious. We don't know when they'll end. We don't even know whether the dollar will stay weak or Europe will continue to be strong. Nevertheless, I believe in the sea change, and I think these moves will keep going."

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
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Over his years of investing, Cramer has learned when dealing with a stock with strong momentum, typical methods of valuation no longer apply.

This is especially applicable in the cybersecurity space, which is red-hot right now. The best performer in the group is CyberArk Software; an Israeli company that has cornered the market by helping companies protect the most common entry points for hackers. Its software is designed to proactively protect against cyberattacks by using privileged accounts.

With CyberArk more than doubled since it came public last September, can it continue to fly higher? To find out Cramer spoke with CyberArk CEO Ehud Mokady.

"While everybody was spending billions in locking out to keep the bad guys out, we created a platform to secure the inside of organizations…everybody was focused on the outside, and we went on the inside," Mokady said.

Another company that made an impact on Cramer, was when he interviewed the outgoing CEO of Cisco on Wednesday. The "Mad Money" host saw a feisty guy who knew he had put his company in an untouchable lead against the competition—exactly what was needed.

John Chambers made the decision recently to hand over the reins of Cisco after 20 years of leading the company. He chose Cisco's senior vice president of worldwide field operations, Chuck Robbins, to take over in July.

When the "Mad Money" host first heard the news that Chambers was moving on, he was completely stunned. Heck, it was only 18 to 24 months ago that he thought Cisco was in real trouble, as it seemed to struggle versus competition that was gaining market share.

"Was I concerned about Cisco at the time? For a couple of quarters, yes, absolutely. I worried until it became clear that Chambers was concerned about it, too," Cramer said.

What does all of this mean? Strength.

Right now Cisco is in a position of strength and has never been more prepared. The fact that the stock was down after a great quarter on Thursday should be a gift to investors. This means it is the perfect time to scoop up Cisco for your portfolio before it goes even higher.

Kurt Graves, CEO of Intarcia Therapeutics.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

One of the best performers on Wednesday was Zebra Technologies, the maker of specialty printers and associated software, supplies and radio frequency identification solutions. It acquired Motorola's Enterprise business last April, which launched it as a leader in mobile computing, barcode and mobile printing.

On Wednesday morning, Zebra reported an excellent quarter which sent the stock soaring 14 percent in a single session. It delivered a 27 cent earnings beat from a $1.12 basis and higher-than-expected revenues.

Can it keep climbing? To find out, Cramer spoke with Zebra Technologies CEO Anders Gustafsson.

"We had a very, very strong core pre-transaction business. It was up 19 percent in constant currency, and we are very pleased with that," Gustafsson said.

This week CNBC released its annual Disruptor 50 list of private companies that are revolutionizing their industries with innovative technology. After all, sometimes a company will have something that is so cutting edge that it will impact the entire direction of where a sector could be heading.

Finding the next big privately held company has also been something Jim Cramer is passionate about, which is why "Mad Money" frequently has its Off the Tape segment to highlight up and coming private companies.

Intarcia Therapeutics made its debut on CNBC's Disruptor list as No. 29. It is a biotech company that is committed to finding a better way to treat diabetes. Recent research indicates that less than half of those on medication for Type 2 diabetes stay on those drugs for an entire year, which can cause complications.

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Intarcia's product is a huge improvement over the current solution of receiving injections once a week. Currently, this formulation is in phase three clinical trials, which could disrupt the pipelines of pharmaceutical companies around the world.

To find out more of how this company is disrupting the pharma world, Cramer spoke with Intarcia Therapeutics CEO Kurt Graves.

"What's amazing is that our chemists figured out a way to stabilize drugs at a high temperature for years, which is like the holy grail of peptide chemistry," Graves said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

EMC Corp: "I think it's stalled, I think it's stuck. I prefer to see you in Cisco right here at $29. Make that change, make it tomorrow morning."

New York Community Bancorp: "It's a cheap bank but I have to go with the best here. This Wells Fargo is breaking out big time for my charitable trust. I know that yours is good, but I think mine's better."

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