Food for thought: Brands who know how to win over the world

Secrets of the top 10 global brands

Household goods are quickly stealing a march on established brands such as Coca-Cola, with toothpaste Colgate now being used in more than half the world's houses according to a new global report out Thursday.

Kantar Worldpanel has unveiled which consumer goods brands are selling like hot cakes worldwide, in their annual Brand Footprint report, out today.

Unsurprisingly, Coca-Cola retained the top spot for the third year running; however, the real winners are the "rising stars" like Dove who entered the top 10 for the first time with 14 million new buyers, and manufacturers like Unilever and PepsiCo who continue to churn out several beloved brands. P&G's fabric softener 'Downy' (14th) was named the world's fastest growing brand for the second year.

Ranked second, Colgate remains to be the only brand bought by over half of global households (64.6 percent), having achieved 19 million extra shoppers in the last year. Despite keeping its reputation as most chosen brand worldwide, Coca-Cola, failed to beat Colgate in household penetration, with only 43.3 percent.

Despite these brands being around for decades, Alison Martin, Director at Kantar Worldpanel, told CNBC Thursday that they are still seen as "fresh" and "interesting."

"(A brand) needs to be, to set up the frameworks to establish yourself right across the globe," Ms. Martin said.

Out of the top 50 published, Kantar Worldpanel suggested that Pringles and Dettol were brands to watch. However, different countries have different preferences when it comes to their favorite brand: Coca-Cola being the favorite in U.S., and Greece; however three bread brands: Warburtons (1st) Hovis (4th) and Kingsmill (5th) ranked much higher in the UK.

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Improving your brand’s identity

So how can brands boost their audience reach? Alison Martin told CNBC that it's important to ensure that your portfolio is spread across the globe, including emerging markets.

Growing your brand by extending across geographies; watching target demographics and expanding into new categories or even creating one, were some of the suggestions Ms. Martin gave.

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With brand awareness becoming an essential tool for companies, from the rise of social media and product variety; Martin said brand awareness needs a combination of both mental availability and physical availability.

"You have to make sure you're mentally in somebody's mind through communication, through digital strategies and make sure that you're physically available on the shelves."

The rankings track consumer behavior patterns though 'Consumer Reach Points', which measure how many households worldwide are purchasing a brand, and how frequently. 11,000 brands and 250 billion shopping decisions were analyzed.