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Modi & Li in world's most powerful selfie?


Watch out, Kim Kardashian.

The leaders of two of the world's fastest growing countries just made selfie history. (Tweet This)

Tweet: India's Modi & China's Li

India's prime minister Narendra Modi, in the middle of a three-day visit to China, posed for a selfie with China's premier Li Keqiang in front of what appears to be China's Temple of Heaven. Combining GDP from both countries, the selfie captures more than $10 trillion, according to numbers from World Bank.

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Some realizing how rare it is for world leaders to pose for such photos capitalized on the moment...and the Retweets.

Tweet: Where selfies are concerned, there's always scope for one more!

Sure, a picture can say a thousand words—but it's not every day one can speak for over a third of the world's population.