Road Rage: These Infuriating Behaviors Tick Us Off Most

Paul A. Eisenstein, The Detroit Bureau
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We've all had one of those moments, cruising down the road and running up on another driver whose behavior gets us grinding our teeth. But what are the most infuriating behaviors likely to set off a bout of road rage?

A study by market research firm GfK of 1,000 American motorists (commissioned by travel website Expedia) found that texters were listed number one by 26 percent of people surveyed. Tailgaters cited by 13 percent as the top cause of road rage. Left lane hogs got the nod from 12 percent of those surveyed, with "Crawlers" at 10 percent, and "Multitaskers" at 7 percent. (Tweet This)

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When it comes to frustrating behavior inside a vehicle, back-seat driving was named the top peeve of 52 percent of those surveyed. The polar opposite, the co-pilot who won't help navigate, was a far distant second, at 12 percent. The "Radio Hog" was named by 10 percent, followed by "the Shoe Remover," at 7 percent, and the "Snacker," at 6 percent.

Perhaps not surprising, the majority of the drivers pointed to the other guy as the culprit. That said, a full 61 percent admitted to speeding, while 29 percent acknowledged a tendency to tailgate.

More than one in four admitted using profane language or gestures to express their frustration with another driver. On the other hand, more than half of the motorists surveyed said they've been on the receiving end.

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