Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation to Hold Military Appreciation Week

CHESAPEAKE, Va., May 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation announced that the practice will hold "Military Appreciation Week" from May 18 to May 22. The practice is offering 50 percent off new patient exams and re-exams for existing patients. Patients who refer a friend or family member will receive 50 percent off their next massage. Currently, military members receive their insurance through TriCare, which does not include chiropractic benefits. Military Appreciation Week will include special discounted military care packages to make chiropractic care more affordable for service members.

Chesapeake chiropractor Dr. Eric Santjer is recognizing the hard work and dedication that military members put into serving the United States by offering a special discount on services during "Military Appreciation" week.

From May 18 to May 22, military members will receive a special 50 percent discount off chiropractic exams. The discount applies to both new patients and returning patients.

"Military members dedicate their lives to serving our great nation, but unfortunately their current TriCare health care benefits do not cover chiropractic exams," said Dr. Santjer. "This does military members a tremendous disservice. That's why we are excited to announce 'Military Appreciation Week'. We are committed to keeping quality care affordable and accessible while giving back to our dedicated troops."

Dr. Santjer says that military members can sustain musculoskeletal injuries during training and combat that will benefit from chiropractic care. Additionally, the chiropractor says that rigorous training can leave muscles sore and stiff; physical therapy and massage therapy can help alleviate this pain and restore a full range of mobility to the body.

"Many military jobs require physical labor in extreme conditions, not to mention rigorous physical training programs," said Dr. Santjer. "This intense level of training can lead to acute and chronic back pain, neck pain, hip pain and more. Additionally, musculoskeletal injuries sustained during training or combat may benefit from chiropractic adjustments for long-term pain relief and healing."

In addition to offering a military discount for new patient exams and re-exams, Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is also offering a patient referral special. Current patients who refer new patients to the practice will receive 50 percent off their next massage once the new patient completes an initial exam.

"We appreciate how loyal our patients are to our practice, and we want to reward them for this loyalty by saying thank you," said Dr. Santjer. "We are truly lucky to have many patient referrals and community support."

Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation provides integrative care that combines chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy, rehabilitation and nutrition services. Pregnancy care is also available.

"Our goal is to enhance all aspects of our patient's wellbeing," said Dr. Santjer. "This means going above and beyond pain management. We strive to reduce the risk for future injuries and help our patients stay active."

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