Cornerstone Chiropractic Seeks to Raise Awareness of Importance of Massage Therapy for Whole Body Wellness

EVERETT, Wash., May 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lisa Heenan, massage therapist with Cornerstone Chiropractic, is on a mission to raise awareness about the important role massage therapy plays in whole body wellness. Once thought of as a luxury, countless studies have shown the benefits of massage therapy go much more than skin deep. Current information points to massage as an effective treatment tool, in combination with medical treatment and supervision, for digestive disorders, pain, anxiety, sports injuries, nerve pain, labor pain, osteoarthritis, chronic neck and low back pain, soft tissue injuries, fibromyalgia, headaches, joint pain, and insomnia when it is related to stress.

"Cornerstone Chiropractic offers a wide range of treatment alternatives and methods to treat pain. One that is often overlooked or dismissed as a relaxation technique rather than the therapeutic powerhouse it is," claims massage therapist, Lisa Heenan, "is massage therapy."

Heenan goes on to name a laundry list of conditions that are effectively treated by massage therapy including chronic pain, muscle pain and strain, stress, anxiety, sports injuries, and even some pain related to cancer and cancer treatments.

Swedish massage is a practice that utilizes a combination of long strokes, deep kneading, tapping, vibration, and circular movements to relax, energize, and relieve pain. The combination of all these movements helps to invigorate the muscles and soft tissue throughout the body serving to reduce muscle tension, relieve pain, increase flexibility, reduce spasms, and improve overall range of motion and mobility.

"For chiropractic adjustments patients, massage therapy is a powerful addition to the adjustment therapy," claims Heenan, "as the combination of the two treatments help to restore balance to the body as a whole."

In addition to the pain relief of massage, the massaging motion on the skin's surface stimulates blood flow in order to improve circulation, flush toxins from the body, remove lactic acid from the muscles, and promote overall healing. Heenan goes on to mention, "the biggest benefit for many massage therapy patients, though, is the reduction in cortisol, a chemical in the body closely associated with high stress." The aftermath, according to Heenan is a body that is calm and relaxed.

Massage therapy is also commonly used for wellness during pregnancy. Popular massage therapy treatments for pregnant women include Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy, pregnancy massage, and hot stone massage. Massage therapy during pregnancy helps to relieve tension, and provide pain relief for pregnant women experiencing pain in the pelvic area or lower back.

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