Fairview Hospital for Animals Using Laser Therapy on Pets

DECATUR, Ill., May 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veterinarian Dr. Shelly Stevens of Fairview Hospital for Animals in Decatur just announced that they have started providing laser therapy for pets. During laser treatment, the veterinarians rub a laser probe over the injured area. She says that laser therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free technique that relieves and accelerates healing of arthritis, soft tissue injuries, post-surgical wounds, skin conditions and others. According to Dr. Stevens, pets find the laser therapy enjoyable, and pet owners report that their pets seem more active and comfortable after treatment.

"Laser therapy for pets is a true paradigm shift in veterinary care," says Dr. Stevens. "This specific light wavelength can penetrate through the coat and skin, activating the cellular regeneration process in injured, inflamed tissues. Without any drugs or surgery, we can provide pets with natural pain relief while reducing inflammation and boosting their bodies' self-healing mechanisms."

According to Dr. Stevens, they are now using laser therapy for several pet ailments and injuries. She says that it has been very helpful for pets with painful inflammatory conditions like arthritis because it reduces swelling and relieves pain. After laser therapy, she adds that many of these pets become more active and seem much happier. Dr. Stevens says that laser therapy also speeds surgical wound healing, relieves sprains and strains and helps alleviate skin conditions like hot spots.

Dr. Stevens adds that most pets enjoy coming for their laser therapy sessions. They relax on a comfortable cushion with their heads facing away from the light while the laser probe is gently rubbed over the affected area. The pet may feel a slight warmth or tingling while the pain abates, she says, which is why pets seem excited about return visits.

Depending on a pet's condition, she may recommend a few laser therapy sessions a week initially. Sessions may last anywhere from five to 15 minutes, explains Dr. Stevens. She says that light receptors in damaged tissue cells switch from dormant to active when the laser penetrates into the injured site. She explains that this induces cells to start healing themselves while releasing painkilling endorphins into a pet's bloodstream. Once the pet's condition is under control, the frequency and duration of the sessions can decrease, she says.

"This is a wonderful treatment option for many pets," says Dr. Stevens. "There are no side effects, no drugs and it comfortably relieves many aches and pains." She recommends that pet owners call the animal hospital in Decatur at 217-428-7709 for an initial consultation to find out if their pets are good candidates for laser therapy.

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