Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc. (DCAC) Negotiates With Several Institutional Investors

NEW YORK, May 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc. (OTCQB:DCAC) announces that management and select advisory board members are negotiating with several institutional investors on a growth modeling "Assignment." Daniels developed a unique corporate review model, specifically designed for the growth acceleration of the nano and micro-cap companies. Public or private companies, each have their individual market niche from sales, earnings, and product attributes. Daniels, along with the institutional investor whose portfolio is under advisory, will implement a unique portfolio review on each portfolio position ranking them in terms of the best candidates for expansion and then the most likely market niches for their individual maximum growth. This modeling and analytic evaluations, in turn, should offer growth acceleration to the top target portfolio company increasing the overall ROI-"Return on Investment" of the Institutional Investors entire portfolio holdings.

Upon reaching accelerated growth matrix, the assignment may continue passed the initial review/modeling assignment at that time with DCAC then advises on the appropriateness of incubation within Daniels of a new product or new marketing method for the chosen market niche of the top portfolio candidate company. This "sales/marketing agency" relationship allows Daniels to incubate the selected candidate within its corporate structure, build it through network contacts in Sales/Marketing and eventually spin it off as an independent public company. The market cap of the candidate for growth acceleration enjoys a public valuation, instead of a private one; the difference can be significant. The end result, the ROI of the individual portfolio company, whose product/service is chosen, rises significantly along with the overall ROI of the Institutional Investor's entire portfolio. The portfolio company chosen from the Institutional Investor retains a controlling equity interest in the newly-launched public company.

In the very competitive business of "Asset Management," the slightest increase of ROI above that of the average industry norm allows for fundraising on a much larger scale. The potential for significant increase in value on only a small amount of assets within an existing portfolio company could make the difference between a small Asset Manager gaining new money or not.

"DCAC" benefits as well; posting monthly consulting fee income and at assignment completions, a success fee equal to a percentage of the incremental value increase in market cap the client achieves over the 6 to 12 month assignment.

Before the conclusion of May, 2015, Senior Management anticipates an "Assignment" from current negotiations.

All progress on every phase of Daniels ("DCAC") Business Model will continue to be highlight on the Cable TV Show "New To Wall Street." Daniels current segment is due to air on a local Cable Station on Monday, May 27, 2015. Please check your listings for Station and viewing time.

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