NYC Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Lana Rozenberg Helps Turns Back the Clock By Offering The Inside Out Facelift!

New York City, New York, May 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NYC cosmetic dentist Dr. Lana Rozenberg is now offering the innovative inside out facelift at her New York City office! By uniquely combining dermatology and cosmetic dentistry, the new Smooth-Lase laser treatment is sure to turn back the clock on the most tell-tale sign of aging: wrinkles! Smooth-Lase's non-ablative laser safely delivers targeted heat from inside the mouth to tighten soft tissue and produce a smoothing effect on the outside surface of the skin. Such an effect successfully reduces the appearance of smile and frown lines around the nose, mouth and chin areas.

"The smile area is one of the first to show significant signs of age. Now, we have the technology to temporarily reverse these signs in and around the mouth and nasal labial area, creating a more youthful appearance," states Dr. Rozenberg. When the Smooth-Lase laser is placed inside the mouth, it causes immediate tissue contracting; this tightening makes the nasolabial folds seem like they are plumping up--instantly resulting in a smoother expression.

Smooth-Lase is the latest in laser dentistry--having evolved out of laser technology developed for dental and periodontal procedures, such as root canals and tooth extractions; these advances have led to this revolutionary inside out facelift procedure that is performed in-office by our NYC cosmetic dentist.

Unlike traditional laser technology, which may cause some mild side effects such as burning, Smooth-Lase has no record of side effects or discomfort during treatment. In addition, this new Smooth-Lase laser can also be used to treat other medical issues, including TMJ problems, sleep apnea and snoring through deep tissue stimulation.

While plumping can actually be seen during the procedure, a percentage of it will subside over time, so most patients will undergo several treatments to produce the desired smoothing effect. The results can last for months and are very similar to those of cosmetic fillers, like Botox and Restylane, but results with Smooth-Lase appear much more natural and with the added benefit of no injections.

The Smooth-Lase laser treatment costs $1,500 per session, and many patients will undergo 2-3 sessions. However, results are longer-lasting than dermal fillers, meaning less maintenance and appointments. In addition, the inside out facelift procedure is competitive with the annual cost of many cosmetic injectables.

One of New York's leaders in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Lana Rozenberg is a highly accomplished practitioner. She earned her doctor of dental surgery in San Francisco from the University Of The Pacific before completing specialized training concerning Surgical and Prosthetic Aspects of Implants from New York University. She is the founder of Lana Rozenberg, DDS in New York City and is a proud member of both the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and the American Dental Association (ADA). Dr. Rozenberg has also been featured in numerous publications for her expertise, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar, while appearing on television programs on The Discovery Channel and ABC's "Good Morning America," among others.

If you are interested in the Smooth-Lase inside out facelift or any cosmetic dentistry procedures, you can contact Lana Rozenberg, DDS at her New York City office by phone at 212.265.7724 or request an appointment online to schedule your consultation.

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