Lightning Round: Get in on the 'Father Fracker'

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Stone Energy Corp: "If you're at a bottom, you're going to have to [buy a stock] with a better bottom than that. My charitable trust has been buying EOG. At least we know we have great growth there even though it is known as the 'father fracker' by a major hedge fund manager."

Brunswick Corporation: "We started recommending this very consciously and very heavily, we just met with management again recently and Brunswick is a buy."

Lumber Liquidators Holdings: "I'm nervous about Lumber Liquidators. I'm very nervous about it, why? because it's really hard to come back from national negative publicity. Here is what you do need to know though: I'm watching Urban Outfitters, I said that I thought it could look good. It doesn't look good so far, but that might be one that you can go and buy that's down that doesn't have an intractable problem."

Gaslog Ltd: "Anything that is moving around liquified natural gas, I am now in favor of. With worldwide problems, they need it. We are starting to even phase out some bad coal plays in China. I think liquified natural gas is a good business."

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Silver Wheaton: "No we are not a silver buyer. We don't mind GLD and if we have to own a stock, we are going to own Randgold."

Realty Income Corporation: "I like Realty Income, I like these ones that almost yield five percent. I think they make sense."

The Manitowoc Company: "I think that the two are worth more than one. The stock is down, and the reason why it's down is because the crane business isn't that good. But I think we're okay with it."

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