Sharing a buddy's Netflix? You're not alone

Survey: sharing streaming services is common

Every good child learns that sharing is caring. And as it turns out, that lesson hasn't been lost on Netflix and Hulu users.

A new survey from Park Associates reveals nearly 60 percent of US broadband households access video streaming services. However, almost one in 10 aren't paying for the services they use.

Netflix account owners are the most likely sharers, with more than 10 percent of users saying they use an account paid for by someone else. Hulu Plus users were the second most likely sharers at 10 percent, followed by Amazon Prime streamers at just 5 percent. The Amazon share rate is likely lower because that password gives access to more services than just streaming.

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Younger streamers, aged 18-24, were most likely to be sharing from someone else, with 22 percent of those users accessing sites from someone else's account, according to the study.

It is the shareable nature of this type of entertainment that lead families to buy subscriptions in the first place, says Brett Sappington, director of research at Park Associates.

"In terms of hours of consumption per dollar spent, consumers have every reason to shift spending to online video," he said in the research note.

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Netflix previously capped streaming at two devices per account before offering a family streaming plan, expanding the simultaneous device cap to four in 2013.

You can read the full research note here.