Apple shelves TV plans, despite Icahn's hopes: Rpt

Apple scraps 4K TV plans: Report
Apple not entering the TV market
Apple ditches TV plans

Investor Carl Icahn, in an open letter Monday to Apple CEO Tim Cook, said he expects Apple to enter the television space in 2016. But the tech giant recently shelved such plans after years of deliberation, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Icahn wrote to Cook, predicting Apple will enter two new markets: an electric car in 2020, and a television next year. But according to sources, the Journal reported, Apple could not ultimately find features compelling enough to create an Apple-branded television.

In its planning, Apple considered adding sensor-equipped cameras to its video set, ideal for users to make video calls, according to the Journal. This feature was considered in addition to an ultra-high-definition display, the newspaper reported.

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In 2007, Apple introduced Apple TV, a set-top box for video streaming, and began developing a television in the mid-2000s, according to the Journal. But its prototype was ultimately struck down because of an initial poor image quality and the large amount of power that was used.

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