BridgeWorks Reveals New Gen Z Findings on this Year's Graduating Class

MINNEAPOLIS, May 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BridgeWorks, a generational consulting company that has been dedicated to bridging gaps since 1998, has released new findings on this year's high school graduating class. As the first class to only be comprised of Gen Z, also known as Gen Edge, this group is the last generation of the Caucasian majority. They are already cautiously planning how to pick the right career and minimize student debt (which is a pendulum swing from their predecessors), their entrepreneurial spirit will challenge academia and the workforce and they aspire to reawaken the "American Dream."

"Gen Edge, the post-Millennial generation born after 1995, is a conscientious group where 64 percent are concerned about landing a job after college," said Hannah Ubl, Millennial researcher, consultant and speaker for BridgeWorks. "After witnessing their Millennial siblings and Gen X parents go through the recession, they've taken a pragmatic and proactive approach to college and career planning. They're also concerned about becoming entangled in student loan debt – 44 percent express concerns of college debt and have a realistic approach to finances; a drastic shift from the Millennial generation."

Money is top-of-mind to Gen Edgers and they are being practical with their degree pursuance by focusing on habits and strengths early on, verses solely following their passions, in hopes of launching into their profession immediately after college graduation. This self-reliant generation's keen entrepreneurial spirit will challenge the current structure of academia and the workforce. Gen Edge learns best through participation, tangible experiences and constant change, which conflicts with the current standard lecture format. Higher-education institutions will need to find innovative ways to adapt and accept new forms of technology since this generation has grown up with technology at their fingertips. With Gen Z being surrounded by DIY, there's been a resurgence of teenage interest in activities such as baking and building and their use of phones and tablets has given them a resourceful mindset reliant on their tech fluency.

With Gen Edge soon launching into the marketplace, companies should take steps now to equip emerging Millennial leaders on how to manage the onset of this new generation. Gen Edge doesn't need constant praise but thrives on steady communication and generally prefers independence verses collaboration. Gen Edge is comfortable with failure and 71 percent expect to fail before achieving success. Companies will struggle with this mentality since the generation likely will not reach out to their management team when they fail, they'll try to fix the problem themselves.

When considering the hopes, dreams and realities of the graduating class, they want to pursue the "American Dream" of homes, marriage and children, as opposed to Millennials who wanted to challenge the concept. There is a comeback with the traditional roadmap for life; however, how Gen Edge colors this roadmap is completely different than Millennials and Gen Xers.

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