KemPharm's KP201/APAP Featured at the 2015 Abuse Deterrent Formulations Summit

CORALVILLE, Iowa, May 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KemPharm, Inc. (Nasdaq:KMPH), a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of proprietary new molecular entity ("NME") prodrugs, announced today that its Executive Vice President of Research and Development, Sven Guenther, Ph.D., will present a review of the current status of scientific research in the field of pain therapeutics including a case study on the development of the Company's novel pain drug candidate, KP201/APAP, at the Abuse Deterrent Formulations Summit being held May 19-20, 2015, in Washington, DC.

Dr. Guenther's case study, titled, "The Search for New Pain Therapeutics with Low Inherent Abuse Potential—A Case for Prodrugs," will be presented on the second day of the ADF Summit, Wednesday, May 20, 2015. The presentation will provide an overview of the successes and failures in the scientific community of finding new pharmaceuticals for the treatment of pain and discuss the potential benefits that prodrugs, such as KP201, may bring to reducing the potential for abuse.

KP201/APAP is KemPharm's most advanced product candidate in development for the treatment of acute moderate to moderately severe pain. Consisting of KP201, KemPharm's NME prodrug of hydrocodone, formulated in combination with acetaminophen, KP201/APAP is designed to deter tampering and abuse.

Dr. Guenther commented, "There is a movement across the country within the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies to combat the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the U.S., leading to growing demand for better opioid-based medications. We believe that KP201/APAP is at the forefront of this movement, possessing a unique abuse-deterrent chemical structure which ensures that the drug becomes active only when exposed to enzymes in the digestive system. We are pleased to contribute to the refinement of industry best practices for developing abuse-resistant therapeutics."

About KemPharm

KemPharm is a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of NME prodrugs to treat serious medical conditions through its Ligand Activated Therapy (LAT) platform technology. KemPharm utilizes its LAT platform technology to generate improved prodrug versions of FDA-approved drugs in the high need areas of pain, ADHD and other CNS disorders.

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