How ADT enters the Internet of Everything space: CEO

ADT partners with LG & Nest

As more companies try to make their mark on the fast-growing Internet of Everything space, ADT Securities plans to accomplish this by making home security systems more accessible, the company CEO Naren Gursahaney said Tuesday.

"One in five [homes] has a professionally monitored home security, so four in five who want it don't have it," Gursahaney told CNBC's "Squawk Alley," adding that a large part of the housing market has not adopted such a system because they cannot afford it.

"This partnership with LG will create as solution that really meets their needs and their affordability," he said, referring to the company's recently announced partnership with Nest and LG.

Gursahaney added the three companies are currently working on a mobile-driven home security product that will only require an Internet connection and a power outlet to function.

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The Internet of Everything refers to the online connectivity of everything from home appliances to smartphones to television sets.