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5 top cities for jobs

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5 top cities for jobs

Job seekers should flock to midsized cities, according to a new report from online jobs marketplace Glassdoor.

Such towns offer stable career opportunities and low housing costs. Many of them have benefited from the technology boom while avoiding the high costs of living associated with tech hubs such as San Francisco, Boston and New York City.

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Glassdoor analyzed 50 metropolitan areas on hiring opportunities, cost of living and job satisfaction. The company then gave each city a Glassdoor Job Score. Cities that ranked high on the list often faced public perception problems.

"The dramatic transformation of America's midsized cities hasn't kept up with public perception of where the best places for work really are," according to Glassdoor. "While salaries tend to skew on the lower side in these cities, they counter this with affordable housing options and vibrant job markets in which people can get hired, then advance their careers."

Here are the top five cities for jobs, according to Glassdoor.

By CNBC's Nana Sidibe
Posted 20 May 2015

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