Church of Scientology Hosts Charity Coalition, Celebrating Collaboration and Progress

CLEARWATER, Fla., May 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Wednesday, May 27th, Tampa Bay charities and their support network are invited to attend a luncheon at the Church of Scientology's Fort Harrison Religious Retreat. Open to 120 attendees, the event will provide a forum for networking, as well as educational information about how to best market one’s non-profit on-line.

The event will begin with a buffet lunch at 11:30, and includes a presentation from this month’s spotlight charity – “Mothers of Minors”. M.O.M. is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to single-parent families as well as providing shelter for homeless mothers and their children.

To help M.O.M. with their mission, guests are asked to bring donations of baby wipes or diapers.

Following the presentation by a representative from M.O.M., Joanie and Steve Sigal from SJS Marketing will give a short educational presentation on internet marketing.

This will be the sixth Charity Coalition Luncheon sponsored by the Church of Scientology’s international religious retreat in Clearwater. Previous speakers have included actress and activist Kelly Preston, Dr. Avery Slyker from Florida State University and Aaron Fodiman and Margaret Word Burnside from Tampa Bay Magazine. The luncheons have been attended by representatives from more than 80 non-profit and charitable groups.

"Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote that 'A being is only as valuable as he can serve others.' There are a lot of individuals in this community who have made service to others their mission in life and it is great to work with others who know that the world can be a better place," said Pat Harney, the spokesperson for the Church of Scientology's international religious retreat in Clearwater.

The Fort Harrison, home to the Coalition, has provided charitable support since construction completed in late 1926. Historical records and media stories since 1927 show a wide variety of fundraisers and charity events at the facility. The Church of Scientology has carried on this tradition since owning the Fort Harrison in 1975.

The event is open to any executive from a non-profit or any board members from a non-profit. There is no cost to attend.

If you are interested in receiving an invitation to the event, please contact Pat Harney or Lisa Mansell at 727-467-6860.

For more information Contact: Lisa Mansell (727) 467-6860

Source:Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization