The top 10 signs you’re a 'Fast Money' addict

David Letterman's storied late-night talk show host career will come to an end Wednesday night when CBS airs the final episode of the "Late Show With David Letterman." One of the many staples of the "Late Show" over the years has been the "Top 10 List," a collection of funny observations on a given topic, read in reverse order by Letterman or by special guests.

In honor of Letterman's final show, we've come up with a "Top 10 List" of our own.

The top 10 signs you're a "Fast Money" addict:

10. You traded in your iPhone for a red phone.

9. You can properly identify the "vomiting camel" and "triangle of death" chart patterns.

8. You regularly play "would you rather" while at bars and restaurants.

7. When a friend says "always good to see you," you immediately answer "always good to be seen."

6. You've converted your life savings into Nautiluscoin.

5. You know who would win an arm wrestling competition between Karen Finerman and Melissa Lee.

4. You know how to pronounce "Schlumberger" and "Tecfidera."

3. You can correctly identify "The Emissary," "The Chairwoman," "The Pit Boss," "The Ambassador" and "The Negotiator."

2. You only buy gold in yen terms, and

1. You've grown a ponytail and goatee out of respect for your favorite Armenian-American options traders.