This tech giant has way more room to run: Trader

This tech giant has way more room to run: Trader

Shares of search giant Google have largely missed out on the rally this year, eking out a 3 percent year-to-date gain while the tech-heavy Nasdaq is up 7 percent over that time. But "Fast Money" trader Karen Finerman says now is the time to get in and she sees the stock rallying as much as 14 percent by the end of 2015

"I think we could see $625 without a lot of trouble later this year," said Finerman

The tech giant has been searching for more areas of growth by pouring money into self-driving cars and just this week adding a "buy" button to search results, but the stock has struggled to make any large strides forward.

"You have a world-class franchise, that really is a cash-flow machine," said Finerman.

Finerman sees three distinct reasons to buy the stock: a dividend or buyback, cost cutting measures, and a major acquisition. It's been rumored that companies such as Twitter and Netflix could be on Google's shopping list as its next big buy. The recent appointment of former Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat has some Google watchers predicting a dividend or buyback.

Finerman is long Google.