Why Tweets on Google search results benefit brands

Tweets come up on Google search results

Google is now allowing tweets to appear on its mobile search results page, and that could be a big benefit for companies promoting products on social media.

Google mobile search users can see real-time tweets, plus they can view what specific people and companies have tweeted about the topic being searched, according to a blog post from the search giant.

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"I think for the celebrities and the bloggers of this world who are looking to gain additional awareness and become indexed in these search engines, this is going to be a phenomenal thing for them to potentially get more audience," said Ted Murphy, CEO of Izea, a company that connects brands and social media content creators.

"And the same thing goes with companies who are creating content and who have dedicated significant resources to building out these social teams," Murphy told CNBC in an interview.

Tweets showing on Google search pages means a greater return on investment for companies that use sponsored, promotional tweets, Murphy said in an email.

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Google is playing catch up with Microsoft's Bing search engine, which has been showing relevant tweets in search results since last summer, Murphy noted.