Lightning Round: This is a one way ticket down

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

PDL BioPharma: "I see that stock has been a one-way ticket down, and I don't like that I see it yields at nine percent. That's a red flag. Let me do more work, because otherwise maybe that's something we should be in."

Lannett Company: "When I'm thinking about the kinds of consolidating stocks in healthcare, I am thinking about that one. I just did some work on it, and I like your call."

Kythera Biopharma Inc: "Another one that I have been looking at. Why? Because now that botox, which is Allergan, has been acquired by Activis; I am looking for a replacement. That one has a kind-of-maybe next botox feel. I'm getting very interested in it."

Summit Materials: "Summit Materials is very interesting, but you know I like Martin Marietta Materials. MLM is my favorite."

Alcoa: "Here's the problem with Alcoa, we need to see this deal close. The deal has to close so that the company is more diversified away from aluminum. Remember I said six months from now is going to look different? That is what you are waiting for. Not the near-term."

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Time Warner Inc: "It's a buy, and Jeff Bewkes by the way, what can I say? He is a great American who can deliver the numbers."

Hershey Co: "No we are not going to mess with Hershey. I think that Hershey is kind of played out. We are buyers of WhiteWave, particularly because the tax situation gets much better for an acquirer beginning next month."

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