Summer sequels means more action for all

A scene from "Mad Max: Fury Road."
Source: Warner Bros.

Summer is sequel season when up to half the movies coming out are a second or third iteration of a single franchise, CNBC reported last week. And sequels tend to be action and adventure movies, according to figures from OpusData, a movie data repository.

The structure of action and adventure flicks lends itself to a repeatable storyline, according to Bruce Nash, founder of Nash Information Services. There's always another villain to vanquish or another sunset to ride into. Dramas, on the other hand, tend to resolve the story and live as a self-contained ecosystem.

"You can't really have a sequel to 'The King's Speech,' " Nash said. "'Mad Max' is sort of forever," he said, referring to "Mad Max: Fury Road," which opened in theaters and made $45.5 million last weekend.

Teenagers like action movies, too, and summer vacation provides the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends and head to the theater.

Twenty-five percent of the action and adventure movies that have come out since 2001 were sequels, according to figures from OpusData, 145 out of 577. Horror movies, too, while there are fewer, were a quarter sequels (27 out of 109). Dramas are rarely sequels, only 15 out of the 476 big-budget dramas released since 2001.