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Apple Maps may finally get this big fix: Report

Apple vs. Google: Mapping apps

Apple could be adding public transportation directions to its mapping app, according to 9to5Mac, which cited unnamed sources.

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The blog claims Apple plans to introduce public transit information to its navigation app this summer when it unveils iOS 9, the upcoming upgrade to Apple's mobile operating system.

The lack of public transit data has been a major criticism of the app and a deterrent to many users since the botched introduction of Apple Maps in 2012. Since then Apple has been buying start-ups and mapping firms in order to bolster the technology underpinning its mapping app.

Apple bought navigation company HopStop in the summer of 2013 but so far hasn't integrated that company's systems into its own app. Apple currently buys , and this week the tech giant acquired Coherent Navigation.

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It's not the first time Apple was expected to introduce public transportation directions to its mapping app. 9to5Mac said that transit information was supposed to be included in iOS 8 last year.