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The best and brightest MBA grads of 2015

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The best from the business schools

It's a great time to be graduating from a business school. MBA hiring is at an all-time high, with nine out of 10 U.S. employers planning to hire MBAs this year. Starting salaries and bonuses are up. And the best and brightest in the Class of 2015 is an impressive lot.

These talented young professionals upend the stereotypes that MBAs are detached quants and sharp-elbowed climbers. They are former Marines, athletes, actors and lawyers. They have managed charities just as often as they've worked on Wall Street, and some have done both. And perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that women form a solid majority of the 50 most exceptional graduates on this new list from Poets&Quants, the business school resource.

You'll find these 50 MBAs hailing from locations as disparate as New Hampshire and the United Arab Emirates, with 15 students on the list born outside the United States. Although traditional powers like Harvard and Stanford are represented, you'll find plenty of MBAs on the list who are graduating from public universities, including Texas A&M, Purdue, Maryland and Minnesota.

To compile this list, Poets&Quants surveyed 60 of the top-ranked full-time global MBA programs to find those 2015 graduates who "exemplify the best of your school" as evidenced by academic prowess, leadership in extracurricular activities, personal excellence and striking personal narratives. Selected by administrators, faculty and fellow classmates, more than 100 MBA graduates were nominated.

Here are profiles of 10 of those grads. You can see the full list and story here.

—By John A. Byrne, editor-in-chief, Poets@Quants
22 May 2015

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