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CoStar Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against RealMassive

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  • CoStar’s complaint, which seeks millions of dollars in damages and a permanent injunction, demonstrates RealMassive is not the “sharing” platform it claims to be but rather is driven by a business plan built upon infringing proprietary content  
  • Concrete evidence of scores of copyright violations on a national scale submitted to the court, including photos displayed on with the CoStar logo or watermark still on them 
  • RealMassive Founder Josh McClure no stranger to litigation; previous business sued by Craigslist and found liable for over $8 million in damages related to software designed explicitly to spam users and violate Craigslist terms of use

AUSTIN, Texas, May 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoStar Realty Information, Inc., a subsidiary of CoStar Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:CSGP), today filed a lawsuit against RealMassive in federal District Court in Austin, Texas, related to RealMassive’s systematic theft and improper use of CoStar’s copyrighted photographs of commercial properties.

As detailed in the complaint, RealMassive’s website prominently displays CoStar-copyrighted photographs, including those still bearing the CoStar logo and watermark. The complaint attaches more than 100 individual CoStar photographs found from a snapshot taken of only sixteen of RealMassive’s thirty-three markets, over a period of just a few days. The small sampling is likely a mere fraction of RealMassive’s actual infringement, the scope of which will become clear during the discovery process. RealMassive’s infringement also extends to CoStar’s photographs being included in RealMassive’s marketing materials, such as a print brochure and an online presentation.

Through an aggressive public relations and marketing program, RealMassive has attempted to position itself as a “sharing” platform, in which commercial property owners voluntarily provide information about their properties to be shared with users of the site for free. However, a cursory examination of RealMassive’s site and the content within the site reveals a platform replete with stolen, not shared, content.

“CoStar supports competition and innovation in the real estate information space, and recognizes the value of disruptive platforms in today’s rapidly changing technological environment,” said Andrew Florance, founder and CEO of CoStar Group. “However, RealMassive is not an example of innovation. Despite its rhetoric, the company is not a sharing platform. Rather, it is a subscription service that appears to be powered by content that is stolen from those who created it through hard work and investment.”

RealMassive founder and president Joshua McClure, the primary principal implicated in the lawsuit, is no stranger to litigation. In 2009, Craigslist filed a lawsuit against McClure and his then-company, Troopal Strategies, Inc. According to the complaint, Troopal distributed software specifically designed to enable advertisers to auto-post millions of advertisements to Craigslist, effectively spamming its users and violating the site’s Terms of Service. Troopal sought to skirt the U.S. legal system by incorporating, and locating its servers, in Panama City, Panama, which in McClure’s words was intended to make the company “Craigslist bulletproof.” Despite those illicit efforts, the federal District Court for the Northern District of California found McClure and Troopal liable for millions of dollars under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and issued a permanent injunction against him and the company. As far as CoStar is aware, McClure has never paid the $8.2 million default judgment against him, even as he has invested his personal wealth in his newest venture RealMassive.

CoStar is seeking millions of dollars in damages for copyright infringement and a permanent injunction against RealMassive and its senior executives.

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About CoStar Group, Inc.:
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