Woodside Animal Clinic Introduces Oral Cytokine Therapy for Pets

ROYAL OAKS, Mich., May 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veterinarian Dr. John Simon of Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak, Mich., announced that pets are overcoming long-term illness with a new treatment he provides called "oral cytokine therapy." According to Dr. Simon, this new therapy is designed to treat the underlying causes of diseases by addressing imbalances in cytokines produced by the body's immune system. He says that pets with arthritis, epilepsy, kidney disease, intervertebral disc disease, ruptured cruciate and a wide range of other diseases have benefited greatly with this custom-designed oral medication.

Dr. Simon says he was sold on oral cytokine therapy when he first saw how it helped his old dog Casey. "Casey was very lame from arthritis, but after trying oral cytokine therapy, his condition vastly improved after just a few weeks. His recovery was astounding, so I knew I needed to offer this to my other patients," says Simon.

According to Dr. Simon, cytokines are specialized protein molecules that are secreted by the immune cells of the body. These cytokines are "communication molecules" which direct a wide variety of physiologic responses. Some of these reactions include lowering inflammation or stimulating tissue regeneration in damaged organs, he explains. He adds that each disease state is characterized by a very specific "abnormal" cytokines profile. The goal of administering oral cytokine therapy is to correct this abnormal cytokine picture and return it to its normal state. He goes on to explain that oral cytokine therapy is very specific and requires a different mixture for each disease. He says it requires a customized blend of different cytokines mixed together in exact proportions to produce a healing effect. By reestablishing the normal cytokine profile, the body will then heal itself.

Dr. Simon wants pet owners to understand that because of the highly technical laboratory requirements for growing individual cytokines and because treating a specific disease requires that a customized blend of these cytokines be prepared for each patient, the cost of oral cytokine therapy is somewhat expensive. However, in his opinion, the great benefits of oral cytokine therapy far outweigh the additional cost. In addition, he points out that this therapy is extremely safe and is very unlikely to produce side effects which are such a common problem with most drugs.

Dr. Simon summarizes by emphasizing that oral cytokine therapy is a uniquely natural, safe and effective therapy that directs the body in how to heal itself. It is important to realize that it does not simply mask symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. Oral cytokine therapy is easily administered at home and requires only occasional veterinary visits to evaluate the pet's progress and to modify the therapy. Considering that this therapy is likely to provide your pet with additional years and a quality, pain-free life, it is well worth it for you to consider oral cytokine therapy for your pet when other approaches have failed.

Dr. Simon recommends that pet owners interested in oral cytokine therapy call to schedule a consultation at 248-545-6630. During this consultation Dr. Simon will examine your pet, review his or her medical history and decide whether your pet is a good candidate for such therapy. If, for any reason, he decides that oral cytokine therapy is not in your pet's best interest, he will most likely make recommendations for other natural therapies that may help. You may also want to visit his website:

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