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CounterTack Builds Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub to Improve Real-Time Security Incident Response Against the Growing Magnitude of Cyber Threats

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PALO ALTO, Calif., May 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloudera,the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered byApache Hadoop™, today announced that CounterTack has selectedCloudera to build out its enterprise data hub to help protectorganizations from cyber criminals, specifically those that attemptto stage attacks on unsuspecting users on corporate endpointsacross enterprise networks.

CounterTack's Sentinel is an enterprise-class, big data endpointdetection and response platform (EDR). Cloudera Enterprise gives itthe ability to support enterprise deployments of over 100,000endpoints, while effectively analyzing system-level informationacross distributed, heterogeneous computing environments withreal-time processing in minutes versus up to 240 days--the currentindustry standard for how long attackers typically dwell inenterprise systems undetected before an effective response can beexecuted.

CounterTack analyzes information collected from devicesincluding workstations, laptops, servers and mobile devicesthroughout an enterprise to identify patterns or anomalies thatmight be associated with malicious behavior. As the number ofdevices touching and connecting to a corporate network grows,fueled in large part by the Internet of Things (IoT), the abilityto monitor and protect corporate assets from new or previouslyunseen security threats becomes even more imperative. Toeffectively counter new threats, companies must be able to detect,analyze, and respond to malicious code injection, purpose-builtmalware and non-malware behaviors that may be associated withunsuspecting users' devices at the network endpoint.

"As the volume and sophistication of endpoint attacks areexpanding exponentially it is critical for organizations toimplement a secure endpoint threat detection and response platformthat is combined with reliable advanced analytics," said EddieGarcia, chief security architect, Cloudera. "By integrating withCloudera Enterprise, CounterTack's platform is taking advantage ofcrucial, high-performance, real-time analysis in demandingenterprise environments while also gleaning important insights tohelp protect its customers from malicious attacks. We are thrilledthat CounterTack chose Cloudera as its trusted partner."

Big data technology gives CounterTack the ability to scale andproperly service large corporate customers was essential forCounterTack to meet the demand of enterprise security teams.Limitations of scale from other point solutions led the company toadopt Cloudera's enterprise data hub infrastructure in order toprovide near real-time analysis in the most demanding environmentswhere every minute counts. The company chose Cloudera based on itsindustry-leading Hadoop distribution expertise, ease of managementthrough Cloudera Manager, and production-ready capabilitiesincluding leading performance, compliance-ready security andgovernance. CounterTack has successfully utilized Cloudera tocreate a massively scalable system that has the ability to collectand analyze endpoint data to provide security teams with pertinentinformation to identify and mitigate threats. 

"The Cloudera Enterprise ecosystem immediately solved ourability to effectively scale our business, and allowed us toinnovate much faster, focus on our core strengths, and ensure thatour customers' data is governed and secure," said Mike Davis, chieftechnology officer, CounterTack. "On a consistent basis, we runacross enthusiastic Cloudera customers during our own salesactivities. Having Cloudera Enterprise at the core of our offeringhas proven to be a big plus in the eyes of our prospects. There isan overlap of interest in utilizing the data we capture in theirown operations as well. When we saw our security-minded customerswere already relying on Cloudera, it gave us the flexibility tofocus on our domain expertise which is detecting unknown threats inthe enterprise."

Cloudera Enterprise is a fully supported enterprise-readydistribution of the open source Hadoop platform and is the mostwidely deployed Hadoop distribution on the market today. As aresult of Cloudera's powerful data management technology, usersacross all industries are able to leverage a complete range ofavailable data and data types, and iterate faster to make moreinformed business decisions with actionable results.

Learn more: read the CounterTack success story.

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