Industry Game Changers: Dealership Performance CRM Offers Smart Follow-Up®

Tualatin, OR, May 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The sixth and final installment of Dealership Performance CRM’s Industry Game Changers series is Smart Follow-Up®. This is an automated reminder system for dealership sales staff to reach out to customers in a timely manner, with messages that will draw them back to the dealership. It includes a 21-day cycle for pre-sale customers and 36-month cycle for post-sale loaded in the CRM. This tool is simple to use and does the work for your sales team in terms of keeping up to date with sales opportunity touch points and hitting every possible chance to close a sale or encourage a customer to buy again. In addition, Smart Follow-Up® has saved-search functionality with all pre- and post-sale search information saved for the entirety of each lead’s history within the CRM.

Sales department staff members are provided with simple reminders to either call or email customers at each touch point, and the reminders tell the salesperson the content of the follow-up. For example, after 24 hours of a pre-sale conversation, the salesperson is reminded to make an “Earn Your Business” call to that potential customer. After 48 hours, a reminder pops up to call that person through the BDC for a pre-purchase survey. Ten days post-sale, a salesperson is reminded to call the customer to welcome them to the dealership “family” and possibly offer a discount for upcoming services. A full two years post-sale, the salesperson receives a notice to call again and encourage them to see new models of the unit they purchased. Reminders can be turned on or off as determined for the best interest of the sale.

During a busy day at the dealership, sales staff should take advantage of easy solutions that are available to them, and Smart Follow-Up® couldn’t make the process easier. It could be considered a “no-brainer” tool to assure that each customer receives the attention they need order to follow through with their purchase or stay engaged in order to make future purchases from that dealership. There is no burden on sales staff to remember to make the follow-up calls or organize a system for it on their own. All notes on pre-sale, post-sale, and equity-related events are saved for each lead in Smart Follow-Up® so that any information that a salesperson may need is fully accessible.

Enable your sales team to leverage each sales prospect to its maximum potential. Create more chances to pull in a potential or existing customer, and eliminate the risk of losing one due to busyness or forgetfulness. With Dealership Performance CRM’s Smart Follow-Up®, each lead and subsequent opportunity is covered for you. 800.516.1768

Source: Dealership Performance CRM