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Iconic 'Gatsby' house hits the market

This undated photo provided by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage shows the home where F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in from 1922 through 1924 in the village of Great Neck Estates on Long Island just outside New York City. Fitzgerald is believed to have written "The Great Gatsby" while living in the home.
Steven Bababekov | Coldwell Banker Residential Properties | AP

While there's no green light across the water, this house is as close to "The Great Gatsby" as it gets.

The home where F. Scott Fitzgerald began writing the iconic story of Jay Gatsby is now on the market for a whopping $3.9 million. The Long Island estate, and other homes around the bay, are said to have been the inspiration for the fictional mansions of Gatsby and the Buchanans.

Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, rented the home from October 1922 to April 1924. Now remodeled, it has seven bedrooms and 6½ baths—fit for a grand party …Gatsby style.

Once initial reports of the sale hit social media, fans were quickly reacting and breaking open their piggy banks.

gatsby tweet

gatsby tweet

gatsby tweet

Twitter users are no stranger to Gatsbymania, though. A fan account @GreatJayGatz has pulled in 132,000 followers by tweeting photos and quotes from the 2013 film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby," while a similar account @SirJayGatsby has 85,300 followers.

It's no surprise these megafans of the novel and film want in on the sale, as Fitzgerald was said to have thrown a crazy party or two there himself. In fact, it is said that Fitzgerald wrote up some party-going rules during his days at the mansion: "Visitors are requested not to break down doors in search of liquor, even when authorized to do so by the host and hostess," Zillow writes, citing Andrew Turnbull's biography of Fitzgerald.

Pop the champagne, turn back the clock and get ready to pony up a pretty penny if you want to live like royalty over in "East Egg."