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Mobile ads opportunity being missed: Mary Meeker

Meeker: Internet user growth solid, but slowing

As advertisers keep pouring money into television, print and other mediums, they are missing out on a $25 billion window of opportunity, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers said Wednesday.

The firm said in a report that, while Americans spend 24 percent of their time using their mobile devices, the same amount of time they spend on the Internet, advertisers only spent only 8 percent in mobile advertising last year leaving a $25 billion window of opportunity for ad spend.

Total TV ad spend for 2014 constituted about 41 percent, while Americans spend about 37 percent of their time watching. Advertisers spent 18 percent of their money in print ads, even though Americans only spend about 4 percent of their time on that medium.

Global growth in Internet users and smartphone subscriptions slowed down again last year, the report added.

Internet user growth for 2014 dropped to 8 percent from 10 percent in 2013, while smartphone subscription growth eased to 23 percent from 27 percent during the same time period, the firm's partner Mary Meeker wrote. (Meeker was a star Internet analyst during the first dot-com bubble era, and years after leaving Wall Street her annual report is still required reading in the tech community).

The report also indicated that advertisers in the U.S. are still underspending in mobile ads, when considering the amount of time people spend using their mobile devices.

India dominates mobile market

About 41 percent of total e-commerce sales in India came from mobile, making it the worldwide leader within the space, Meeker wrote.

The country also held the highest number of WhatsApp monthly active users (MAU) and the second-largest number of Facebook MAUs, Meeker also said.

Meeker also added that India's Internet users grew by 63 million to 232 million in 2014, a 37 percent year-over-year increase. She also said that 65 percent of the country's Internet traffic comes from mobile.

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India also makes up about 7 percent of YouTube global users at 70 million.

Meeker's study also found that, while the tech industry's financing volume was last year at its highest since 2000, it is still 33 percent below that of the "dotcom bubble" era.

Tech financings last year hit $105 billion, but reached $157 billion in 2000.

"There are pockets of Internet company overvaluation but there are also pockets of undervaluation—the one rule is that very few companies will win—those that do—can win big," she said.

(To read Meeker's full presentation, click through the slides below)