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This alarm wakes you up with the smell of money


No one likes waking up at the crack of dawn to the sound of their alarm; however, one company now hopes to change that by stirring early birds through their sense of smell.

SensorWake claims to be the "world's first olfactory alarm"; a clock that aims to make mornings easier by waking people up with the smell of dollars or warm croissants.

Credit: SensorWake (Guillaume Rolland)

With a perfumed capsule placed into the "SensorWake," the clock can then wake people up at a programmed time, by diffusing the capsule's scent.

Starting with a retail price of 109 euros ($119), the gadget hopes to get itself off the ground with its Kickstarter campaign, launched yesterday at 4am ET, having already proved a success by generating 20,134 euros ($21,830) in the first five hours.

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There are currently 12 flavors available, from peach and peppermint, to more exotic smells of the seaside and US dollars, yet, creator of SensorWake, 18 year old Guillaume Rolland, told CNBC they hope to add more scent packages in the near future. Those who want to wake up to the smell of cold hard cash however, will have to pledge on the Kickstarter page.

The team collaborated with Swiss fragrance manufacturer, Givaudan, to make the scents smell as "authentic" as possible.

SensorWake uses a system of "scents-impregnated polymer balls" which are found in each of the 60-use, recyclable capsules. Within each capsule, there is a RFID chip which enables the alarm clock's LCD screen to reveal how many more "wake ups" are available with that scent.

In product trials, SensorWake managed to wake up 99 percent of sleepers within two minutes. For those in a deep slumber, a backup sound can be programmed to ring if the button isn't pressed after 3 minutes.

If still skeptical, the device has received approval from the World Intellectual Property Organization and was named one of the top 15 inventions that could "change the world" at Google's Science Fair in 2014.

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With the campaign, the team hopes to start shipping all its ordered units from November 2015.

SensorWake is seeking to raise 50,000 euros ($54,200) in 35 days, yet Rolland believed that the company would make their target a lot sooner than that, adding that he was "really excited" about their Kickstarter launch.

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