Cramer: The single hottest stock I follow

Underestimate Cisco at own peril: Cramer

Jim Cramer knows from his years of investing on the stock market that if a theme is strong enough, money will flood into it.

Right now Cramer sees two powerful industries, cybersecurity and the organic and natural food trends, with money going right into whatever investments it can find.

A perfect example of this to Cramer was when Palo Alto Networks reported its quarter on Wednesday night. While this stock may seem expensive to some, Cramer thinks it deserves to be expensive. As the premier, best-in-breed of cybersecurity companies, it stunned investors with 55 percent revenue growth and 8 percent higher sales from the previous quarter.

This all signals nothing but good news for Cramer.

"This may be the single hottest stock I follow," the "Mad Money" host said.

High growth and cyber security equals scarcity value, and when you have scarcity in any business, demand will always overwhelm supply
Jim Cramer
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Approximately one month ago, Palo Alto's CEO Mark McLaughlin shared with "Mad Money" that the topic of cybersecurity has recently become a board of director's level issue. Meaning, the board members are spending an increasing amount of time thinking about how to address the problem of hacking and cybersecurity.

What does this mean? More attention to cybersecurity and a growing trend in business. Cramer loves what Palo Alto has to offer, along with CyberArk, FireEye, Fortinet and Cisco.

"When you've got a shortage of stocks to play a particular theme, the pure plays can levitate for a very long time," Cramer said. (Tweet This)

He sees the same thing happening with the natural and organic food companies. Right now, there is a shortage of pure plays to select from, which is why Hain Celestial and WhiteWave are on Cramer's radar.

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And that is exactly why Cramer wants investors to know that while cybersecurity plays may seem expensive, they are totally worth it. In fact, he thinks they are just getting started as there aren't enough choices of them.

That means they are due to trade even higher, even as they seem expensive already. When there is scarcity in any business, demand will always overwhelm supply—thus the price of merchandise goes higher.

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