Grasshopper Staffing, Inc. Provides Real-World Experience in Colorado's Commercial Cannabis Industry

Las Vegas, Nevada, May 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Through collaboration with a leading Pueblo, Colo. cannabis producer, Grasshopper Staffing Inc. (a division of Tomichi Creek Outfitters) has deployed a hands-on training program that gives candidates real-world experience in Colorado's commercial cannabis industry.

The instruction begins at Grasshopper's headquarters, where candidates are presented with an overview of the history of cannabis, cannabis anatomy, threats to the cannabis plant, and concludes with an overview of cloning, transplanting, and trimming techniques.

"Our goal is to take a well-rounded approach to educating our candidates. Because commercial cannabis production is newly legal, we want to give our candidates the chance to gain some experience on the more fast paced commercial end of things." said Talia Zanotelli, Grasshopper's course instructor.

Candidates then regroup at the commercial cannabis grow site, where they finally have their opportunity to get their hands in the dirt. They get up close and personal with staff, and the plants as they gain knowledge in transplanting, cloning, wet trimming, and dry trimming.

"We are dedicated to ensuring that the staff we supply through Grasshopper are knowledgable, educated, and experienced. I am not only extremely grateful to be able to provide this opportunity to our candidates, but I am also proud to be able to offer the highest quality staff to our clients." said Melanie Osterman, President and CEO of Tomichi Creek Outfitters.

Osterman also noted, "we initiated our training program only a month ago, and so far we've successfully placed 50% of candidates who we have been certified through our classes."

To date, Grasshopper has certified approximately 60 candidates through their new training program, and has placed approximately 30 candidates.

Grasshopper Staffing is dedicated to providing the state of Colorado with a skilled and trustworthy workforce, and we are committed to providing our candidates with a thorough education before presenting them to potential employers.

Grasshopper Staffing, Inc. was founded in 2015; their mission is to serve Colorado's need for a skilled and trustworthy cannabis workforce with integrity, professionalism, and legitimacy.

Grasshopper specializes in providing budtender, trimmer, janitorial, security, payroll, armored transport, edible production, infusion, grow, irrigation, IT, web design and event services.

Their offices are located at 200 S. Victoria Ave, Pueblo, Colo. 81003. Their operating hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

Additional corporate information can be found on the company's website:

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