Vopia.com to be the New 'YouTube' for Local Businesses

SAN FRANCISCO, May 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With an eye on competing with the local search engine and advertising giants like Yelp, Yahoo and Google, Vopia.com has taken a step further and taken up the project of making Vopia (OTCQB:VOPA), the first of its kind local search engine that will host videos about various local businesses, products and brands. This fast growing and promising search engine has already started working towards its goal and taken the elementary steps by starting to upload the first set of videos on YouTube.

Vopia.com is the online home to more than 30 million local businesses and 35 million products that are all very easily searchable on Vopia. The new feature introduced by Vopia makes doing business and searching for products easy. Vopia will automatically generate small intro videos spanning 10 to 20 seconds about each company. The initial plan is to upload about 200,000 new intro videos on a daily basis. At later stages, companies would be able to edit and upload their own videos. These videos will provide a quick insight of each site or business and will include a brief description, images and sound as well as links to the individual company profiles on Vopia.com. The videos will not only be searchable on Vopia, but also on YouTube and Google. The new Vopia Video feature is expected to provide competition to local search engine like Yelp and Foursquare. An updated full version of Vopia video will be updated coming in August wherein the videos will contain much more features like speech, extra images, business location on map, etc. It is around the same time the company will make the official launch of the Vopia video feature to the world.

Vopia.com is powered by Vopia Inc. which is a public company quoted on the OTCBB under the ticker code Vopa. More information is available on www.vopiainc.com

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