Shake Shack is hiring...and menu changes may be coming

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Shake Shack is known for a relatively minimalist menu, but a recent job posting signals that could be changing.

The better burger chain wants to deepen its culinary bench with a culinary research and development manager who would "lead and manage the research and development process for the Culinary team of new and existing food and beverage menu items and ingredients" and assist in the introduction and launch of new items with other departments, according to a job posting from the company.

In contrast to fast food heavyweights like McDonald's and Burger King, Shake Shack has a rather slim menu. At its original Madison Square Park location, it has just four meat burgers that can be customized, three beef hotdogs, one chicken dog, a Portobello mushroom burger and two fry sides in addition to a custard and drinks menu.

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Notably, Shake Shack has only one chicken offering (the chicken dog) and no salads. It also does not have a nationwide breakfast program. Currently, only a few locations serve breakfast.

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On Twitter Shake Shack has said repeatedly that "menu additions are rare," but its hiring of a new team member to help develop new items could signal this is changing.

The relatively limited menu contrasts with older fast-food chains like McDonald's, which has a large variety of burgers, wraps, chicken sandwiches, salads and an extensive breakfast lineup.

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There is evidence Wall Street wants Shake Shack to branch out into other items than the burgers, hot dogs and custards it is known for. News that Shake Shack trademarked the term "Chicken Shack" sent the stock soaring last week.

So what exactly does it take to be a top culinary member at Shake Shack?

To start, "a sense of taste" is required as is "an understanding of high end food," a passion for food and a knowledge of food trends.

The company was not immediately available to comment on the job posting.