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Xiaomi's Barra on online stores for US and Europe

Xiaomi's US plans & fave products in China

As Xiaomi is getting ready to launch online stores for the U.S. and Europe, Hugo Barra, the company's vice president of international, on Thursday emphasized the loyalty of Xiaomi's users and the strength of the integrated services.

"These are people that are connected all the time," said Barra in an interview with CNBC's "Squawk Alley." "They're using any and all apps. They're also very interested in integrated services. How can they have an easier time doing whatever it is they're doing."

Users, who are also known as Mi fans, benefit from integrated services that allow them to take part in the Xiaomi ecosystem. For instance, when placing a phone call for a McDonald's delivery, as soon as the call connects Mi fans can see a display of deals and menu items on their screens.

"Our users are the ones who update the database with the latest shots, latest prices," said Barra.

"You call in, you see the menu. And lots of little clever things like this that just make it so much easier to use a mobile phone for basic things."

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Hugo Barra at 2015 Code Conference on May 28, 2015.
Asa Mathat | Re/Code

Xiaomi, which was founded five years ago, is the top player in the smartphone market in China. In the fourth quarter, the company held 14 percent of the market with Apple and Huawei following, respectively, according to Statista.

Barra added that using Android's economic system is also an advantage, with the operating system giving room for customization while still retaining core features.

"We're one of the best examples of a company that's done some really, really interesting things with Android," said Barra.

"We've given it a completely different look. We've simplified it in many ways, we've made it more customizable but it's true Android at the core."

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The Xiaomi stores, which will only offer accessories and not the smartphones, will open in early June. Accessories offered will include headphones, the wearable Mi Band and battery cells.

"We're initially bringing to the U.S. and in a few markets our most popular—sort of best-selling mobile accessories," said Barra. "Those are products that work universally."

Barra explained that as the company enters the international market, it is registering patents and ready to answer questions.

"We're filing patents. We're acquiring patents, getting ready to enter markets where the patent system is a bit more permissive," said Barra.