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Squawk Box's Joe Kernen takes the long-awaited #ToupeeChallenge

Joe Kernen takes the toupée challenge

Move over Ice Bucket Challenge – the era of the Toupee Challenge has begun.

After years of speculation, Squawk Box's Joe Kernen is setting the record straight: Does he wear a toupee?

"It's the number one question we get asked," Andrew Ross Sorkin explained while Becky Quick – accompanied by a leaf blower – got ready to put Kernen's hair to the test.

Protective glasses and all, Kernen sat through the ordeal while Quick turned the blower up to "super-power." After focusing on Quick for a few seconds, the camera panned back to reveal a bald "Joe Kernen?"

Sorkin instructed Kernen to "put back on" his toupee as he returned to the set a few seconds later.

It'll take some time before it unseats the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, which had more than 17 million videos uploaded to Facebook in its first three months and has raised $115 million in donations since the challenge went viral last summer.