This stock fell out of the Top 20 most held

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Owners of Qualcomm stock may be looking around wondering where everybody else is.

New data shows that Qualcomm has fallen off the list of the Top 20 most held institutional stocks. The data comes from a new report by eVestment, at which CNBC got an exclusive first look. The full report is set to be released Monday.

A year ago, Qualcomm was the sixth-most widely held stock by institutional funds, being owned by 17 percent of all institutions in the eVestment database. At the end of 2014, it had dropped to 14 percent—good enough for the 14th rank. And in the latest report, it fell off the Top 20 altogether, with ownership at 12 percent or less.

Taking Qualcomm's spot in the Top 20 is newcomer to the list Intel.

The Top 6 stocks remained the same from the end of 2014:

Most widely held stocks
1. Google (30.27 percent ownership)
2. Apple (22.72 percent)
3. Microsoft (20.52 percent)
4. JPMorgan Chase (16.83 percent)
5. Johnson & Johnson (16.73 percent)
6. Wells Fargo (15.56 percent)

The only change at those top levels was that of JNJ and JPM switching spots, by the difference of a tenth of a point. With changes generally this small, seeing Qualcomm fall off the list completely in such a short time is something to watch down the road. "Competitive dynamics were the main driver of the loss of Samsung's flagship business during the current product cycle," wrote Timothy Arcuri in a recent Cowen research note, about Qualcomm's current struggles. He also wrote that the company's $10 billion accelerated share repurchase plan will result in a delivery of 58 million shares, or 3.5 percent of the outstanding stock.