Will FIFA sponsors step down?

Skins CEO calls for reform within FIFA

While many FIFA sponsors have expressed dismay amidst corruption allegations, none have made any intention of dropping out, with the exception of Visa, which says it will reassess its sponsorship.

Jaimie Fuller, CEO of Skins, a sportswear company based in Australia, is calling for drastic changes in the way FIFA is run and advocating sponsors drop their support. He recently launched a campaign which endeavors to show the contrast in ethics over what he calls the hypocrisy of FIFA's operations versus the values of the companies that support it.

"We believe sponsors need to understand they play a major role in the reform of FIFA," Fuller tells CNBC.

Earlier today, Sepp Blatter was re-elected FIFA President, which disappointed Fuller.

Sports ethics campaigner Jaimie Fuller is hoping to shame FIFA sponsors into backing calls for reform.
Lucas Jackson | Reuters

According to Fuller, he reached out to all the sponsors at the beginning of the year, but got no response. Most recently, he says Coca-Cola offered to meet with him, but has yet to do so.

This month, his company produced and released a video to convey the human rights abuses taking place at construction sites in Qatar, where the games will be held in 2022.

"Visa talking about the possibility of withdrawal is big step, however, they still infer FIFA can reform itself," Fuller said. "We need implementation of an independent reform commission as FIFA is far too conflicted."