Wynn is a loser to Evercore's Rich Ross

Trading Nation: Wynn on losing streak

Wynn is the worst-performing stock in the Nasdaq 100 over the past year, falling 53 percent while the index has risen 22 percent. And the charts suggest that Wynn shares could get halved once again, says Evercore ISI technical analyst Rich Ross.

"There's absolutely nothing I like about this chart, and that's hard to say," Ross said Thursday on CNBC.

First of all, the stock suffered a "gap down within the context of a bigger downtrend," which is "never a good thing."

And with the stock falling so fast, the $103 stock is now $53 below its 200-day moving average, and $30 below its 100-day moving average.

"It's a disservice to the 100-day to even put it on the chart," Ross quipped. "We're not getting back to $133."

Looking at an even longer-term chart, the technician said the "primary trend is lower," and predicted: "The stock is going to test $95. It could get cut in half again. It could trade $50."

The fundamental side of the story doesn't look so great, either.

"When you think about the amount of the decline in revenues which is about 45 percent," the miserable performance of the stock "is really no surprise," said Nomura analyst Harry Curtis.

Curtis rates the shares "neutral," with a target price of $112.

To those "value investors [who] have been asking if it is safe to go back in the water" and buy casino stocks, Curtis tells them it is not, because Asian gaming capital Macau will continue to suffer a deep disparity between demand and supply for the next months, and "the stocks aren't cheap."

Mix the sour fundamentals with a bearish chart outlook, and "that's a horrible combination," Ross said.

"Sell the stock right here if you own it," he advised. "If you are flat, your can short it."

Of course, given how volatile the stock has been, a short or long position may only be suitable for the trader willing to take a gamble.