CGG : CGG GeoSoftware Releases Major New Technology -Innovation across full portfolio reduces E&P risks

CGG GeoSoftware Releases Major New Technology

Innovation across full portfolio reduces E&P risks

PARIS, June 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

CGG announced today that its GeoSoftware Business Line is launching major releases across its full product portfolio. Focused on technology innovation, workflow integration and ease of use across all application suites, Jason 9.0, Hampson-Russell HRS 10.0 and Insight Earth 3.0 enable oil and gas companies to better understand and characterize the Earth's subsurface.

Now, more than ever, geoscience software users are required to resolve increasingly complex E&P challenges with fewer resources and progressively more involved applications and workflows. The new capabilities from GeoSoftware provide high-end, integrated and easy-to-use technologies that effectively address these challenges and deliver new insights that reduce the risks associated with exploration and production.

From dip-guided auto tracking, anisotropic inversion, stochastic inversion and rock physics to pore pressure, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and formation testing analysis, the new technologies from GeoSoftware rapidly deliver answers for conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Integration with third-party industry software platforms and across high-end GeoSoftware workflows enables users to better characterize prospects and understand reservoir properties and how they evolve over the life of the field.

Sophie Zurquiyah, Senior Executive Vice President, Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir, CGG, said: "We continue to focus on meeting our clients' needs with user-friendly sophisticated technologies that seamlessly plug in to their preferred workflows. These coordinated software releases are a significant milestone for CGG GeoSoftware with HRS 10.0, Jason 9.0 and Insight Earth 3.0 substantially advancing our clients' ability to accurately characterize the subsurface and extract the greatest value from existing software environments and investments. Together with our GeoConsulting expertise and Subsurface Imaging excellence, the new releases from GeoSoftware continue to advance CGG as the leading provider of integrated geoscience solutions that reduce the risks and costs associated with exploration, development and production."

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